The strength of two companies

For over four years we have been partners of Full on Net, a leading company in Digital Transformation and Technological Solutions.

Semantycs® is our Artificial Intelligence Technology that arises from more than twelve years of research and is already giving high results in financial and telecommunications companies.

> Semantycs, our Cognitive AI

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Digital Solutions

Digital Transformation Consulting

We have been developing cutting-edge technology solutions since 2001. We know how far Digital Transformation can go thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

We want to support you and help you to be Digital and take advantage of this great revolution to get ahead of your market.

Call us and we will listen to you as we have already done with others. And in this way we will develop a Transformation Plan. We will not tell you that you have to do a Chatbot or other things that do not serve to really make the change, we will start from the “big picture” starting with small things.

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Digital Solutions

IT Body Shopping

Together with Full on Net, we know how to help our customers by providing them with the best professionals, motivated and with values highly valued by customers who already know us and who ask us for more and more.

We treat people as professionals and provide them with state-of-the-art technological training, “Agile” culture and “Soft Digital Skills” development in order to achieve the greatest value for our clients.

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Digital Solutions

Digital Training

  • Devops Course – Introduction (15 hours)
  • Devops Course – Advanced (40 hours)
  • Python course – Introduction (15 hours)
  • Python course – Advanced (40 hours)
  • QA Course – Testing Methodology
  • QA Course – Test Automation
  • Introduction Mobile Development
  • IOS development
  • Android Development
  • Artificial Intelligence Course

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