Semantycs®, our Artificial Intelligence

Together with our partner Full on Net, we promote Artificial Intelligence solutions for companies and organizations.

Semantycs® is our AI technology that is already rolling in large companies in the communications and finance sector.

Semantycs has the following characteristics:

  • It arises from more than 12 years of research.
  • It is rolling with great success in different companies.
  • Semantycs is able to understand and understand almost 100% of what a client says and feels, proposing the best solution.
  • It is multi-language.
  • Native and the only one in Spanish and LATAM made at a low level, does not translate.
  • Adaptive own tools suite
  • Learn from the interaction.
  • Multichannel (multiplatform).
  • Understand any type of support (text, audio, video).
  • Analyze content and also emotion.
  • It integrates quickly into any organization (without modifying its systems).

It is the great ally for the digital transformation and the intermediary between all the intelligent information of the company and the user / client.

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