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Our experience has taught us that the success of the sale is in the methodology. Having a methodology and a clear process of success, ensure that the present and future results are good. This process has to be learned and trained, as elite athletes do, since it does not arise spontaneously.

This action is aimed at participants understanding and using a successful methodology in their business processes.

For this, in addition to practical theoretical panels, the participants train cases and conduct simulations as elite athletes do.

In addition, through our online tool “Commercial Behavior Analysis” that the participant performs before the action, he can identify his talents and his points to improve in order to develop an Action Plan adapted to his needs.

Training Objectives

  • Understand and know the new profile of the modern commercial.
  • Identify our strengths and improve sales.
  • Experience the importance of using the successful methodology.
  • Have an attitude and commercial pride.
  • Determine best practices in each of the stages of the sales process.
  • Train and integrate the commercial process.
  • Determine a personal action plan.

Addressed to

Commercial staff, sales and professionals who need to work this competition.


→ Tailored and Open.

→ Recommended max 12 pax.

→ From 7 to 14 hours.

→ Eligible.

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