Estimado futuro miembro de ICAT&C,
Muchas gracias por tu interés en unirte a nosotros y nuestro directorio global de profesionales católicos de la salud mental y el Coaching. ¡Estamos encantados de tenerte a bordo!
Como ya habrás visto en nuestra web, queremos asegurarnos de que los profesionales de la salud mental que se unen a nosotros tengan las calificaciones adecuadas y estén en línea con nuestros valores y para ello necesitamos que nos mandes información. Aun así, también queremos que futuros profeaionales estén vinculados con nosotros y disfrutar de los eventos y actividades de la asociación.
Si deseas iniciar el proceso de admisión, completa el formulario siguiente.
Equipo ICAT&C

  • Formation
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  • Principles & Values
  • I give my word that I am a practising Catholic and that I understand and follow the teachings of the Catholic Church, as found in the Compendium of the Catechesis of the Catholic Church.

    I agree with the following statements:

    - As a Catholic mental health professional or Coach, I strive to radiate the light of Christ through my conduct and professionalism.

    - Being Christian includes showing mercy and love towards others, avoiding judgement and standing by and respecting those who are suffering.

    - The best way to lead someone to the love of God is to love them first and lead by example (not to judge or instruct them).

    - We would not encourage anyone who has chosen the Catholic Church to go against the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • I give my word that I will also follow the following Principles and values of ICAT:

    First Principle
    We accept each person as they are, without judgment.
    Total commitment and respect for the person and their ethical, religious, and moral convictions. We only include aspects of faith in our work if the client requests it.
    We are not an association that only serves Catholic or religious clients; we offer our services to everyone. We do not impose values or judge anyone.
    Second Principle
    We promote a balance between mental health, well-being, and personal growth, and family, social, and professional responsibilities.
    We always seek the well-being and fullness of the person, taking into account their surroundings (family, work, friendships).
    We do not promote an egocentric position that risks distancing the person from their environment and the reality around them.
    Third Principle
    We commit to being professionals, authentic, and honest.
    We clearly explain to the client what we can and cannot offer. We aim to be authentic. In some cases, if the client's goals go against one of our principles, we propose reorienting them since we may not be the best person to help.
    It is not acceptable to manipulate or benefit from others.
    Fourth Principle
    We practice Catholic values.
    We promote and practice values such as optimism, patience, charity, constructivism, and joy in an authentic and integrated manner. We understand the realities of the world and face suffering with hope and solidarity.
    We do not want to adopt positions of false positivism or others that forget about the person.
    Fifth Principle
    We offer confidentiality in our sessions following the recommendations and regulations of each profession and country.
    We guarantee the confidentiality of our clients' information and processes unless there is a legal requirement in the country. In that case, we discuss it with the client in the first session or as soon as possible. All client information is protected and kept.
    We do not comment or share such information unless we have the client's authorization and it is for a specific purpose.
    Sixth Principle
    We integrate the Christian faith if the client desires.
    We propose optionally including the Christian faith in our work. How? With the possibility of discussing spirituality and our faith experience, as well as offering a perspective on the issue that includes a spiritual aspect.
    Beliefs are not imposed on another person, nor do we give advice on spiritual life. However, if the person wants and needs it, we can refer them to spiritual or religious guidance.

  • ICAT&C Safeguarding Policy for Children and Vulnerable Adults

    I attest that I comply with the regulations and directives of my country to carry out my professional work and to safeguard and protect children and vulnerable adults.

    I am aware that if I don't respect my country's professional guidelines or put in dangerous child or vulnerable adults, ICAT&C might have to remove me from the directory after investigation
  • ICAT&C Code of Conduct and Protocols

  • Financial contribution to the ICAT&C Association
  • For the proper functioning of the association, we ask you for a contribution that would be at least €6.00 per month or €60.00 per year.

    If you are a student or do not yet have enough experience to join In our association, we offer you the "Student Associate" modality, which involves a commitment of €2.00 per month or €20 per year.

    If you want to know what we use the contributions for, go to this link: https://www.icatc-world.com/unirme?lang=en


    Please set up a direct debit payment to ICAT&C's account. Please mention your name and surname in the payments.
    ICAT&C's account details:

    International Catholic Association of Therapists & Coaching
    Sabadell Bank
    IBAN: ES34 0081 0230 4100 0183 631
    Once done, please send us proof of the direct debit to info@icatc-world.com with your contact name + ID or passport number.

    You can also direct the payment through PAYPAL.
  • ICAT&C Privacy Policy
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